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Brief Instructions on How to Get Some MONEY From Finding Jobs Process Using Years-tested FREE Websites and Techniques on the Internet From the “Global Marine Placement” Part of the Open International Joint Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION”

#1 Using Amazing Browser

We have been using this method/browser of additional earnings for about three years. Really working method you can find very rarely today. This Amazing Browser working and is not a scam.
This browser has a lot of advantages. This browser is fast action on any mobile and stationary devices. Downloading and installing it is extremely simple and takes no more than 2-3 minutes with the transfer of all your information and passwords from the old browser. Earning income is one of the advantages of this browser.
We have three desktops working with this browser, one laptop, tablet, and two smartphones. The withdrawal of money is extremely simple and it can be carried out on PayPal in $USA or to a wallet in Bitcoins. Advantages can be listed for a long time.
But I want to dwell on small flaws. When installing a browser, sometimes some antiviruses mark it as a potentially unwanted program. But this is a flaw of antiviruses and not the flaw of a great and fast browser. This drawback is eliminated by a couple of clicks allowing installation program.
The second major drawback is the long withdrawal of funds. After a couple of clicks, you will sometimes have to wait up to five business days (two business days normally) before the money arrives at your account. But this flaw just tempers your patience and nothing more. Wait calmly and suffer in silence. 😆
The third drawback is the small amount of your income if you just use the browser as a regular browser, and not for the main income. It is not intended to make a lot of money using your devices, but a couple of cups of coffee a week is also not bad. You can withdrawal starting 0.0001 BTC it’s about US$ 0,10 (TEN CENTS!) only (normally it is no more than 2 hours of using the browser in the computer).
But in reality, it is the easiest way to earn Bitcoins. Just change your old browser to THIS AMAZING BROWSER and receive payments to your balance every 10 minutes. You will get BTC for simply using it, even if just having a browser window open. It takes less than 1 minute to start earning!
One of the best advantages of this browser is its affiliate program. WORKING AFFILIATE PROGRAM! Such a program is incredibly difficult to find today on the Internet. There are a lot of programs, but they do not pay anything, but with this browser, you get a solid and very profitable program that can give you quite pleasant earnings.
And now you thought that we were offering you additional pointless and difficult, endless and tedious non-profitable work … You are mistaken.
You just need to download the browser HERE and install it on all your stationary and mobile devices and you will immediately begin to receive a small income. Then you will find your affiliate link on the working mining page of your browser and send it to us. We will post this link on your page and in your resume. This is the same for any Crewing Company or for any Shipowners in our database with the personal page of the Company. We will prepare the page for free as soon as we receive your E-mail with your affiliate link. We will place your affiliate link on your page. In the future, you usually just LOOK FOR WORK (or advertise your company) by sending a link to your resume page and nothing more. The same work you do at any business days. If you have a desire, you can set this link at the beginning or end of your every private or business e-mail, send it to your accounts on social networks and paste it into your resume and send it out as you please or don’t do anything at all – just look for the job or advertise your company and don’t do more.
Not much time will pass and you will begin to receive income from the affiliate program. This browser is too good for no one to install. You can massively send your page and resume to thousands of employers on another page of this site HERE.
Additionally, in any port or city, by going to any large computer shops you can install this browser on one or several computers from your page from your link, this is a matter of two minutes! Just do not include it on mining under your account! The buyer who bought this device will sooner or later turn on already under his account. You just will give everyone a small gift and nothing more. This is a proven method.

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Example: You donated $ 5 – $ 2- office – $ 3 your part of Corporation. You will say that this is a small amount and you will be wrong! These $ 3 will be included in the turnover of the Corporation and on them, when the first Lot-Ship is earned, interest will go and this amount will be constantly Reinvest into corporate Lots and will grow. 

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