For Professionals

Instructions for Professionals from “Global Marine Placement Ltd.” Crew Management, Marine Crewing Company Part of the Open International Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

Professionals Follow up 3 Simple Steps:

1. Check Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Service and available vacancies. If you will decide to work with us then go to contact us.

2. Send us by E-mail your CV (if available) or application (below). Write down all available documents with the number and expiry date, briefly about some support documents (opinions from the previous positions e.t.c.) if available. It has need not send copies of your documents now.

Our E-mail is below: 

Select applications Simple (Your CV) and Professional (Add on Cover Letter to Your CV) below. We will Prepare for you your Private Page with Photo, CV and Cover Letter. After this you can use this applications and short address-link to Private Page with other crewing sites and emails.

Your CV Blank Form

Additional to Your CV

Cover Letter Blank Form

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If any question you can use contact form below. 

Do not forget to send along with your resume:

a) Your decent small photo.

b) Consent to the placement of your working information (your personal information will be hidden) on our website, which can satisfy your requirements, experience, and interests (desired job position, salary e.t.c.).

We highly recommend creating a free Skype Profile to be prepared for an online interview if you have not it till now.

It will be a good idea to prepare short (from 30 sec till 1-minute maximum) video about you in Youtube or similar sites.

3. If you meet the criteria and have the needed/valid documents, our recruitment specialists will contact you by E-mail and will start work with you.

All profiles of seafarers belonging to the company are kept in reserve for 4 years. If during this time the seaman is not employed, his documents will be deleted from the base. Reception of applications is carried out year-round. In addition to the above, the company is also engaged in the initial selection of candidates and verification of recommendations from past vacancies and more.


We will help you find the desired position. Contact us and turn your dreams to be true.

Marine Officer CV Example

Standard Resume Seafarers Examples

How to write a Cover Letter

Professional Thank You Letter Examples and Writing Tips

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Ask your questions, make your suggestions and we will gladly take all the values from your advice.