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Mass Mailing Page of Your Resumes/CV by us From “Global Marine Placement Ltd.” Crew Management, Marine Crewing company part of the Open International Joint-stock Corporation GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

Thank you for your decision to  pay for our additional service.

As soon as we receive payment, we will start sending your resumes to thousands of addresses and separately to addresses that are most appropriate for your case. Our special search program will complement the list of email addresses with the most suitable data for you. For this we will use the data from your resume / CV.

From time to time we will inform you about the work done and, possibly, provide you with certain addresses to contact certain managers who are most interested in the specialists of your profile, giving certain recommendations. We are not able to do this work for all for free.

Please note that, unfortunately, not all shipowners and crewing companies respond to emails. If they will answer they will contact you by email which you have provided and will contact you directly by phone or address.

No further action is required to complete/stopped this service.


Our E-mail:

You can also contact us through the contact form below.

Our prices and additional services:

1. For mass mailing of your Resumes/CV by us to employers, US$15.00 in PayPal or any plastic cards.

You can stop this service at any time. During this service, we will compile a list with targeted emails to companies that have open positions in accordance with your resume, and will help you as soon as possible with our tips on what you should do throughout the process. Our bots will look for open positions for you too.

2. Our price for lists of thousands of emails updated daily and instruction on how to bulk send your resume / CV by yourself to unlimited employers is US$ 40 in PayPal or any plastic cards.

3. For documents that will help confirm the receipt of a Seaman’s Identity Card and Seaman’s Book (Crew List + Contract) US$40 dollars in PayPal or any plastic cards.

4.  If you need some documents or opinions contact us by email below. We will try to do all what can we do for you at a reasonable price.


We invite you to join stage-by-stage Crowdfunding of International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION. By doing this you can easily cover all your expenses. Crowdfunding details are available HERE.

If you decide to donate more than $ 1000, please contact us in advance to get our bank account additionally and for negotiations.

In any case, we ask you to “like” any Facebook page in the right container and at the bottom of this page. Please post your vacancies and make your posts on the page for Job Seekers. We will thank you for it.

Ask your questions, make your suggestions and we will gladly take all the values from your advice.



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