Operation Reef Defence: The M/Y Steve Irwin in Sydney

WATCH & SHARE our amazing highlights video of our first port-of-call visit on Operation Reef Defence – Sydney!

We’ve had hundreds of supporters turn up for free ship tours of our flagship The MV Steve Irwin and learn more about Operation #ReefDefence to #StopAdani! Find out more here: www.seashepherd.org.au/reefdefence

Thanks for having us Sydney! Our next anchor stop is Coffs Harbour on Tuesday, July 24.

Video by Jax Oliver/Sea Shepherd.
Drone Photography Credit: Ed Hayes / Overall Photography.


Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

Learn more about us: https://www.seashepherd.org.au/