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Prices and Offers to Partners From “Global Marine Placement” Crew Management, Marine Crewing company part of the Open International Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

This page for Employers (Shipowners, Crewing Agencies, Shipoperators e.t.c.) page for Job Seekers HERE.

ATTENTION: Are you have the vessel and this vessel not working and you can not sale she to anyone? Join us on YOUR terms and conditions and we will start work. You will have a good profit. Our Corporation absolutely Open for anyone. Any Company will remain in the previous position if Owners no want to change we only will work together. You will have your profit, we will have our salary. No, any problem if you will have some additional terms – we can discuss all. 8000000 tons of plastic pollution coming in the oceans yearly. At least 2000000 we can take out- it is 1500000 tons of best fuel!

Gentlemen welcome to our site.

Read our Quality Policy before, please.

Our prices:

1. For detailed (Phone#, emails e.t.c.) information about one or more, or the entire crew candidates, you are interested in, FREE detailed information you can find HERE.

2. Our Selection For You of five or more, or the entire crew candidates the most suitable to your criteria $35  in PayPal.

We invite you to join stage-by-stage Crowdfunding of International Open Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION. By doing this you can easily cover all your expenses. Crowdfunding details are available HERE.

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If you decide to donate more than $ 1000, please contact us in advance to get our bank account additionally and for negotiations.

In any case, we ask you to give us permission to place your data on our website and you can “like” any Facebook page in the right container and at the bottom of this page. Please post your vacancies and make your posts on the page for Shipowners. We and Seafarers will thank you for it.

Ask your questions, make your suggestions and we will gladly take all the values from your advice.


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